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If you are constantly exhausted, feeling overwhelmed, struggling with your weight, tired and cranky, and PMS just seems to be getting worse, then I bet you are really frustrated.

Chances are you’re sick and tired of being told that there is nothing wrong with you and that all your tests are within normal range?

  • Your thyroid is normal.
  • Your hormones are normal.
  • Your iron, folate/b12 levels are all good.
  • You have no food intolerances.

And yet you know that there is potentially something not right.

You may look around to your friends and colleagues and see many of them are potentially also battling with the same symptoms.

You know within you that you are meant to be feeling so much better than this and swallowing medication to whack a Band-Aid on your symptoms is absolutely a non-negotiable for you.

You know that there may be more to it than this.

Check out the list below. Maybe your hormones are screaming out for help if:

  • You are cranky, tired, exhausted all the time.
  • You are suffering with insomnia or disrupted sleep. 
  • You have forgotten what the word libido means let alone what it does
  • You have endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS, fibroids, chronic period pain or any other diagnosed hormonal imbalance. 
  • You wish your partner would stop eating so loudly and looking at you in that way.
  • You seem to sweat at the drop of a hat.
  • You are anxious, nervous and your mood crashes at any given time throughout the day.
  • You are always hungry and often wanting sugar or crunchy salty snacks. 
  • You are struggling to trim the weight no matter how hard you try.
  • Your waistline seems to be creeping up.
  • You are always bloated and feeling sluggish.
  • Your hair is falling out it seems like before long you will be bold.
  • You feel like you are a little too old to be getting acne.
  • You have facial hair.

If you said “oh my god that is me” to any of the above and you are frustrated because you have been trying to do something about it then I can reassure you now I believe you when you say IT ISN’T FOR LACK OF TRYING.

Your hormones may be running your life and probably making you feel exasperated.

And I feel your pain and discomfort.

I too have dealt with hormonal imbalance being diagnosed myself with polycystic ovarian syndrome and have had hormonal imbalance where period pain, insomnia, a roller-coaster of highs and lows in energy were all just part of my day.

I tried everything for my symptoms individually but it wasn’t until I started looking at my hormones as the underlying cause of all of the symptoms that I had collectively did I get lasting results.*

I went from carrying a few extra centimeters around my waist, battling with getting too sleep, and yes I will admit cranky and irritable to happy, fulfilled, energetic and sleeping soundly for good.*

The results that I achieved lead me into specialising in women’s hormonal health in my clinic and I have now helped 1000’s of women with their hormones.

I may be able to show you how to:

  • Kick- start your metabolism into a fat burning, hormonal balancing metabolic state as opposed to a fat storing metabolic state.
  • Move you from feeling frustrated and down with your attempts to lose weight to feeling excited, motivated and thrilled with how your body is looking.
  • Balance your hormones and your blood sugar so that you have even energy, mood, alertness and clarity all day.
  • Balance your hormones and brain chemicals so that you sleep soundly through the night. 
  • Balance your hormones so you disappear period pain, PMS, acne, and headaches. 
  • Balance your hormones so you relieve your menopausal symptoms of hot flushing, night sweats, low mood and anxiety. 

Balancing your hormones can be light walking a tightrope. Without the right guidance it can be almost impossible and without the right treatment strategy it will not last indefinitely.

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