Anti-ageing and longevity

About Anti-Ageing

I believe healthy ageing is a hot topic.

Whether you are concerned about weight gain, libido, chronic diseases or dementia we are told the key to good health can be to simply eat well and exercise.

Have you ever witnessed a loved one’s health deteriorate as they have aged and then been concerned about your own longevity?

But what if it was so much more than that..

What if, due to genetic science breakthroughs you could now design your personalised anti ageing food and lifestyle plan that can potentially switch on all the appropriate genes whilst simultaneously switching off the “not so good ones.”

You can now potentially switch on your genes by putting the right food on the plate that governs youthfulness and longevity.

More and more we are challenging the notion that forgetfulness and “senior moments” are inevitable parts of aging.

Real age versus perceived age can be a matter of personal choice.

Applying the foundation of health principles in your life that allow your body to function, I believe, is the link to longevity.

Health habits which may lead to anti ageing and longevity are:

  • Eating unprocessed food
  • Exercising moderately
  • Not smoking or drinking excessively
  • Having a sense of purpose, connection, and personal growth.
  • Keeping mentally active and always learning.
  • Connection to a higher meaning – through spirituality and being able to let go of stress and forgive.
  • Family and friends

I also believe that the general consensus is that society now programs us to think that the elderly are incapable and needing of care in just about every way should be challenged with a different view.

So the way I see it, pushing out the life cure and ageing gracefully with energy, mobility and wellness is multifactorial:

  • Food, drink, and exercise
  • DNA & genetics – switching on and off your genes can now be even more accessible with genetic testing.
  • Minimising environmental pollutants.
  • Keeping mentally agile and always having a sense of purpose.
  • Connection, love and feeling like you matter.
  • Dialing down inflammation in the body which can create a firestorm in your brain and therefore accelerate ageing.
  • Managing stress and hormonal balance.
  • Fostering a positive framework to the way you see the world
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