Mindset Coaching

Your physical body and how well you are can be profoundly affected by your mind and your emotions.

Your mind via your thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, feelings, and perception of stress can ultimately influence how you metabolise and utilise the food that you are ingesting.

So let me ask you.

  • Is there something you know you should be doing that would have a huge impact on your health and body but you just can’t seem to get going on it?


  • Are you seemingly doing everything right that the experts have told you will work but you are just not getting anywhere?

Are you?

  • Always thinking about food and what your next meal will be?
  • Do you Binge, emotional, comfort or stress eat?
  • Are you always on a diet? Convinced that if you don’t diet you will gain all of your weight back and more?
  • Have you lost weight and regained it that many times you have lost count and this pattern is just the norm for you?
  • Is your digestion always uncomfortable, are you always bloated and gassy?
  • Are you always fatigued and can’t seem to get motivated in the morning?

Control and will power can often be the strategy we adopt when wanting to lose weight, improve our health, restore energy and heal digestive problems but in some cases it can set us up for failure.

Early on in my private naturopathic practice in Sydney I discovered a reoccurring theme with my clients and to be quite honest myself as well.

What previously was unclear became clear to me as crystal.

No matter how much information I shared and passed on to my client and how motivated they were to follow the suggestions and programs I designed for them they would come back to me and say something like:

“I know what I am supposed to do and yet I just can’t seem to follow it.”

And as I saw more and more clients I observed that they all had something in common.

They all struggled with some level of overeating, emotional or stress eating, binge eating, or self-sabotage that was preventing them from getting the results that they so badly wanted.

I leant very early on that nutrition and naturopathy was good for them but it in many cases it would only go so far.  In my passion and mission to serve I realised until I totally got how our mind, emotions, thoughts and beliefs influenced our behaviours and actions I was going to be limited in my capacity to serve.

In private practice seeing clients I am always guided by this question:
How Do I Get The Best Result For My Client?

This very question has lead me to gain an understanding for the mind/body connection and for the past 7 years I have learnt the tools, the strategies, the psychology of success, the neuroplasticity of the brain from the best in the field both locally and internationally.

I have learnt through thousands of hours with clients how to combine all of this together.

I have witnessed over my career profound changes in people’s well-being and have seen them overcome disharmony and ill health.*

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