“We Are What We Eat Or Even Better Said We Are What We Digest And Assimilate.”

I believe optimal health begins with your fork and how you choose to wield it. I also believe that putting food first can have a powerful ripple effect that can potentially shift your health into a new way of being.

As a Naturopath in private practice in Sydney this is my philosophy for any successful healing strategy.

Put simply, you cannot out train through exercise or supplement your way through poor food choices and expect to change your health for the better.

Many of my private clients come to me already supplementing their diet with great products designed to assist with more energy, better digestive function, better metabolism and so on, however they haven’t addressed what they are eating.

To me 80% of the healing journey is about what you eat and how you go about eating.

So half of this 80 % is choosing good nutrition and the other half is eating in the right metabolic state.

When we eat on the run, or don’t chew our food properly, multi task our meals, or eat in front of the television for example,  we are often metabolically in the opposite realm to digest and assimilate our food. Many of my clients report symptoms like cramps, bloating, indigestion, reflux, gas and are often hungry an hour of two later.

Being really practical about it, when you sit down to eat and you begin the process you are quite literally feeding information into your cells.

So the information you choose to put onto your plate and how you go about digesting and assimilating it can determine whether you can quite possibly be switching your metabolism into an anti-inflammatory, fat burning, hormonal balancing metabolic state.


An inflammatory, fat storing, energy zapping metabolic state.

And here’s the thing.

Once you learn how to understand your metabolism through putting the right food on the plate to switch it on then you potentially break through to new levels of energy, even mood, decreased inflammation and fat burning if need be.

From this framework you can begin to see that your relationship history with food should be considered when formulating a plan for you.

This is why a once size fits all plan doesn’t take into account your personal history which can be destined to be successful in the short term at best and at worst potentially an ineffective strategy over the long run that keeps you stuck in the same pattern leaving you tearing your hair out in frustration.

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