Mind Body Program

I Created This Online Course Because So Many Of My Private Clients Are Frustrated, Restless And Not Connected To What It Is That They Really Want.

I believe this frustration plays out in their health through emotional eating, sabotage and daily habits that may be stopping them from having the health, the vitality, the passion that I know that they are wanting so badly. I can see that it is within them and it just needs to be gently coaxed out of them.

For some of my clients this has had catastrophic results on their health I have seen many deal with chronic conditions, and life threatening illness because of this very reason.

Are you looking for a change to your approach to your health goals?

My program may assist you to;

  • Lose weight?
  • Regain energy and vitality?
  • Improve digestive issues?

Is your health getting in the way of your relationships, your family, your self esteem, your confidence, your career… your life.

Do you more or less KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING, but you just AREN’T MOTIVATED to do it.

Do you know you NEED SOMEONE TO POTENTIALLY SORT OUT WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON between your ears, you need support, and handholding.

Or even more frustratingly you are DOING SOMETHING but you are just not getting anywhere with it…

Every time you think you are on your way somehow it sometimes becomes the old thing of 1 step forward and TWO STEPS BACK.

Are screaming for change on the inside.

Maybe you find yourself back in the same pattern, back to what you know, and being who everyone else wants you to be and you are increasingly restless.

This program is for people who had enough.

You’ve had enough of not feeling well and in the good shape.

Maybe you’ve had enough of beginning again on Monday only to arrive into Monday afternoon with crashed energy, brain fog, and low mood that has you frustratingly reaching again for stimulant, starch or sugar to give you an energy fix so you can get through the rest of your to do list.

So if This Sounds Like YOU, then I would love to invite you to PRE-REGISTER for my online course that I have created.

We go live in a couple of weeks.

And for the first 200 people to register I’m going to give you and early bird discount of $100 off the program cost.

I’m going to share with you:

  • The driving forces that govern what you do and what you don’t do that may be stopping you from having the health, body, life, and mindset that you want.
  • Tools and strategies that may assist you to knock the cycle of binge eating, emotional eating, stress eating on its head.
  • Identify your current headspace around your health and body and how you can start thinking about strategies to potentially create a shift to have the health and body.
  • How you can potentially impact your brain and your thinking in a powerful way so that it no longer sabotages you and so it doesn’t cause you to procrastinate, emotional eat, binge eat, doesn’t cause you to live in fear, and being constantly reminded of your limits and perceived previous failures and attempts to get on top of this.
  • How to finally put yourself first and learn that once you do this you are so much better at helping those you love and you will be more successful in all areas of your life.
  • How to sharpen your focus and potentially train your brain so that you can rewire it to overcome any physical condition you are confronted with.
  • How you can potentially switch on your metabolism into a fat burning, hormonal balancing, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging metabolic state.
  • How your digestive function can be crucial to your overall health, body, and mood.
  • We’ll look at the nitty gritty detail in the internal strategies, internal dialogues, techniques, tool and actions that may shift your mindset from I can’t do this (lose weight, overcome fatigue, exhaustion, overwhelm, gut disorders, hormonal swings, headaches, insert any other condition you are dealing with right here), fear, never being enough into a state of true belief that your vitality, body is all yours for the taking.
  • I’ll break it down to daily routines and behaviours for you so that you can potentially carve out your real health potential.
  • I’ll show you why you should never count calories.
  • To direct you into ALIGNMENT and PURPOSE so that your physical state can potentially move in the same direction. In this state you are giving your body the best chance to heal itself.
  • You will learn how the mind and body can be intertwined and once you get the head sorted you can then potentially tell it to tell your body to move differently.
  • How to address your metabolism so you it can help reduce cravings that can make it difficult to lose weight.
  • I’ll show you how stress can affects your metabolism, your digestion, your reproductive function, your body fat percentage and what you can potentially do about it.

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