Simone’s Story

How chronic period pain, weight loss resistance, fatigue, brain fog were reversed by addressing the underlying issues.

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Simone (**name has been changed for the purpose of confidentiality.) came into our clinic with low thyroid function, fatty liver, insulin resistance which essentially can keep you in a fat-storing metabolic state, she had adenomyosis which is similar to endometriosis which was creating symptoms of extremely painful and heavy periods, and fatigue. She was taking a fistful of pain killers each cycle to manage the pain, it was that bad.

Her words to me in our initial consultation were “Victoria, you are my last attempt at trying to fix this.”

Here is what we discovered on top of what was already presenting when we dug a little deeper.

  • high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, low progesterone levels and low melatonin which you need for quality sleep.

We also found

  • dehydration
  • not digesting carbohydrates really well.
  • bacterial overgrowth in her gut
  • intolerance to dairy, shellfish and yeast

We put her on a plan that works for her specific hormonal imbalance which basically switched her into a fat-burning metabolic state. We got her exercising in a way that really helps with insulin resistance. We corrected her nutrients deficiencies and also sorted out her gut and digestion.

Simone has so far lost 19 kilos, her periods are no longer heavy or painful, her insulin resistance has reversed, and she feels in control of her health for the first time in a very long time.

If you can relate to Simones’ story and you know you need help putting the pieces together so you can start to create a breakthrough in your health, your vitality and ultimately your life then take our team up on their free initial consultation, that way you can see for yourself without obligation whether preventative health may help you like it did for Simone in creating a breakthrough in your symptoms.

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