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Your FREE VIRTUAL HEALTH Retreat Metamorphosis – The Journey Within.

Imagine 6 weeks from now on the other side of a shutdown and you are healthier, clearer, stronger pretty much in better health than before you went into lockdown.

 This is possible and as a team we want this for you and your family.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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Invite your friends and family along for the ride.

We have gotten together as a team and come up with “Metamorphosis – The Journey Within.”

Live streaming from the comfort of your own home.

This health retreat and every single session in it are yours for FREE. We have really thought out what it is that you need in this time on all levels.

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

We are all in this together, this unprecedented time has been thrown upon us and what will make it easier to sail through the coming weeks are connection, love and community.

Together we are one.

As a team we believe that every single one of you are amazing humans. We love welcoming you into our clinic and helping you meet your health goals and I think that if we show up together as a community on line you will all see just how amazing every single one of you truly are.

Who knows what will come out of this time together?

But for me personally I am fully committed to showing up and helping everyone stay on track, motivated, inspired and healthier on the other side of this.

No one gets left behind here.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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Starting the First Week of Lockdown

The first webinar will be pre-recorded due to the short notice of the shut down. I covered in the session:

  • Creating the space for healing.
  • How to handle overwhelm.
  • Your Big Why
  • Resistance is always there and if you let it, it will put the handbrake on any healing or transformation. What to do instead.

You see uncertain times can unravel even the most motivated, self disciplined person because it can be so easy to just drop the ball on your routine and structure.

Especially when you have been forced to stay at home to do your part for the greater community.

And the way I see it is…

There are 2 endgames on the table here:

End Game One (The preferred end game)

The time of self-isolation is viewed as:

A time to learn and grow.

A time to work out what is important.

A time to release that which no longer serves.

A time to focus on the vision for the future.

A time to connect with family.

A time to really focus on keeping the routine and structure of healthy eating and exercise.

Coming out the other side even more in shape, and moving more towards the health that you see so clearly for yourself.

End Game Two – routine and structure is lost.

Thoughts of “I will deal with it later when things get back to normal” start to creep in and cabin fever sets in and in order to cope

delicious comfort meals and snacks are prepared, possibly another helping popped onto he plate because it tastes so good and maybe a little extra wine or chocolate to cope with the extreme circumstances and the boredom of same ole.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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So here’s the thing – Boredom = Blow out?

Boredom can also create unnecessary frustration, which can end in arguments and short fuses with the ones that we love, which is then going to increase stress levels and anxiety, which is going to further create even more uncertainty in an already uncertain time of containment and contraction in the global community.

And so I am hoping that you have selected the first option as your own choose your own adventure over the coming weeks.

In order to help you, we have created an online health retreat with all of the usual fun activities that you would do at a real life health retreat. (Excluding the colonic irrigation!!!)

We have put together a schedule of activities for each day that we are in lock down. (Probably only excluding the Easter holiday weekend period)

The details and structure will follow in the next 48 hours as we thought we would have had a little longer before the enforced shutdown to get this message out to you so sit tight it is coming.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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I’m going to share with you a loose outline on what the day will look like:

6:30am = meditation

7:15am = group workout (get your kids involved) sessions will be body attack, cx works, and body combat.

12pm = Daily Live webinars with our practitioners covering their specialty.

Claire will be covering women’s health, fat loss and immune health.

Aron will be covering Brain health and Longevity.

Adrian will be covering Gut health and its effect on everything in your body.

Victoria that being me will be covering mindset and emotional resilience.

4:30pm = Vinyasa yoga.

And, twice a week I am going to be offering a group EFT session where we can show up together and clear any negative emotional that will surface around being in a contained environment.

I.e. boredom, trapped, uncertainty, fear, anger, frustration. Etc.

I am also thinking about doing sessions around certain topics. E.g. emotional eating and stress/boredom eating. You will see the topic show up in the schedule. If it lights you up then make sure you’re on the LIVE.

Group EFT is very powerful because of the healing power of the collective group united together clearing the same thing.

You’ll also get two 2 weekly question and answer sessions with one of our practitioners where you can ask them anything you want around health.

Pretty cool right?[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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What you will need for the retreat:

  1. Les Mills virtual online. They offer 2 weeks free trial period.

  1. Joe Dispenza meditation. Link below.

  1. Yoga mat.

We will be using both Joe Dispenza and Les Mills in the retreat so we ask that you join Les mills and download Joe Dispenza to ensure there is no copywriting issue.

You will want your own access anyway because you will have better acoustics and volume.

How do you join?

Click the link below and join the community now to secure your spot.

Keep an eye out in the Facebook community or your inbox for the detailed schedule to come.

Register for each event that you want to show up to just like you would in a real life health retreat.

We only have 500 spots available for each LIVE webinar so make sure you jump on it FAST so you don’t miss out on the fun.

As a team we are so excited about being able to provide this retreat for you and your family.

It is free for anyone to join so please invite at least 3 of your friends and family to the community so we can create a really amazing collective consciousness.

This is going to rock!

I will probably go live Tuesday afternoon to explain more detail around things like the meditation and what the sessions will look like.

If you are one of my own private clients you know deep down that at some stage I was going to get you to drink the Joe Dispenza cool aid and it looks like I have the perfect opportunity in the coming month to do so.

That’s pretty much it for right now the details will continue to unfold over the coming days.

We are stronger as one.

See you on Retreat, so excited.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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