Just One Cookie!!!!!!

cookieJust One Cookie?

When we are trying to lose weight or maintain our weight it is often the little things that count.
Remember that your weight is generally not the result of the occasional blow out you have but rather the sum result of those thing you eat frequently.
Picture this…
Let’s say that you are in the ritual of having a cookie with your mid afternoon tea or coffee.
 The packaging says its 107 calories, which the mini me (your conscious mind) rationalises and says to you “it’s only 107 calories” and besides you have now grown used to having the biscuit with the coffee.
What if that one tiny cookie was responsible for piling on over 11 pounds of fat on your body every year, would you think twice and break the habit?
Your conscious mind is probably reading this and saying how can one cookie have such an effect?
107 calories a day adds up to a massive 39,055 calories over a year
One pound of pure fat equates to 3500 calories. 39,055 calories divided by 3500 is just over 11 (11.1587 if you want to be precise). Yes, 11 pounds of pure fat.
And the mini me in some of you may be saying that’s ok, as I don’t have biscuits.
Perhaps it is the sneaky glass of wine that signals the end of a long day or the cream that goes in the coffee. Maybe there are multiple tiny habits that are adding to the weight gain or lack of weight loss, which then leaves us often frustrated and disappointed
 Often we don’t think that 20 calories here and 35 there could make a difference but as we have just done the maths on the biscuit they have a funny way of adding up and getting in the way of our health goals.
So, how can you reduce your daily intake by 50 calories here or 80 calories there to assist in achieving your best health now?
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