Jennifer Aniston’s – Wonder Smoothie

The super-svelte star swears by a special drink to stay lean

Jennifer Aniston is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, and a cheap and cheerful smoothie is her secret to staying slim and gorgeous. A true green machine, Jen, 43,  swears by her weekly “Saturday Smoothie’, which is jam packed with fresh vegetables such as beetroot, cucumber, spinach, garlic. carrot celery and kale. Sydney naturopath Victoria O’Sullivan believes having vegetable juice a few times a week is a great way to up your vegetable intake. as most Australians get well under he recommended five serves a day.


Beetroot is high in iron, and really good for cleansing the liver and kidneys.

Cucumbers are packed with minerals, particularly silica, which helps the body in maintain collagen. Cucumbers predominantly consist of wares, LOU, making them very hydrating.

Spinach is loaded with Vitamin B12 (good for the nervous system).

Garlic has antibiotic properties.

Carrots have vitamin A, for glowing skin.

Celery contains diuretic properties, which makes it a fantastic way to reduce puffiness.

A few juices a week is okay, but Victoria warns that the trend of fasting on juices for days as a rime. or even replacing one meal a day with juice, is not good for diabetics, due to fluctuating sugar levels. “Juicing can cause a crash in energy because the juice does not contain the fibre necessary to stabilize the blood sugar levels, so we are better off eating the whole vegetable.” she says.  “Any juice fasts should he done under the guidance of a health professional.”

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