Day 7 – Let’s Bring This Baby Home



I want to acknowledge you for making it through the 7 Day Look Good, Feel Great, Boost Your Metabolism challenge with me and EVEN MORE than that YOU SHOWED UP

As Woody Allen said:

“80% of success is about showing up”

It’s about being in the right rooms, the right meetings, in front of the right people and taking action.

It isn’t about implementing everything, if you did even better you will sky rocket your results, it’s not about being perfect all the time after all you are a human being not a robot.

Another quote I like is “success is about getting up one more time than you fall.”

success quote

You would have taken away whatever you needed this week for your next level of growth. One small change can have lasting results.

Today, we are going to complete the challenge and talk about what is next for you…

NUTRITION: Detoxify easily with these tips.

I know I know we have all heard this one. But how often do you stay adequately hydrated?

Water is key for health and metabolism and has a powerful effect on mood and energy.

If you are dehydrated, then your blood becomes thick and sticky. Your blood transports your oxygen to your brain. So the brain can become starved of oxygen.

This is when you will start to experience any of the following:

  • water glassBrain fog
  • Irritability and crankiness
  • Headaches
  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Sugar cravings
  • Low mood

Then it becomes super challenging for you to eat well as you will naturally reach for a sugar, starch or stimulant to fuel the brain and push through the day and for most the weight gain creeps on especially around the middle.

Try at the very least to choose filtered water as the chlorine in the water supply has been proven to strip out your beneficial gut bacteria.

Even better squeeze fresh lemon into it a couple of times a day as this will help to alkalise you, optimising your energy and health.

Apple cider vinegar (1tablespoon) in water is a great way of getting your digestive juices flowing which will help you to absorb all of your nutrients giving you even better energy.

Aim for 2 litres per day.


Today’s exercise is all about kicking back and just being active because you want to.

The aim is to do something every single day but it doesn’t always have to be training at super intense levels.

Today put the trainers on grab your partner, dog, or friend and go for a nice long walk out in nature.

Notice the trees, the sun, hear the birds and basically nature doing its thing.


Gentle exercise is sometimes all that is needed and is brilliant for hitting the recharge button and also good for the mindset.

Often some of my best ideas come when I am doing this.

Gentle exercise is also good for stress management and helping to manage your stress hormone cortisol.

High cortisol levels play havoc with your blood sugar balance in your body and can contribute to weight gain especially around the middle.

Enjoy your time out there.

Where to from here?

Our one on one consultation will give you every thing you need to get you to your optimum health.

Simply email me at and let us take care of you.

I have had a ball putting this together for you my hope is that you have gotten gains from your 7 days and are feeling better and starting to see the change in the way you look.

I look forward to connecting with you.

In Health,

Victoria O’Sullivan

P.S. I would love you to email me and let me know how you are feeling and what you got from the 7 day Look Good, Feel Great, Boost Your Metabolism challenge. I am happy for you that you made a decision 7 days ago by signing up to the challenge and committing to completion.

P.P.S . Remember yesterday we talked about taking responsibility for all your results in life, along with all your non-results whilst this can be awfully confronting the nugget of gold is that from today (which is all we really have) you can create powerful choices that make sure you get the body and health you are looking for.

If you’re ready to take action now and want to take this to another level then why not get started working with my team with a complimentary schedule a 1:1 session where they can work with you to design a blueprint for you to experience a positive change in your overall health and vitality.

I look forward to connecting with you further.

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To vibrant health,

Victoria O’Sullivan

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