Day 6 – Is Fear Of Failure Creeping In


Today I want to dispel the FEAR OF FAILURE that may be creeping up on you.

Have you ever started a program for health or weight loss and you have started out really well exercising, eating well, getting adequate sleep so you have energy only to fall off the wagon after 2 to 3 weeks?

I know I have in the past and this is where the weight loss industry and diet programs fail us miserably.

You see starting a plan without addressing the mindset is destined for failure. Your current attitudes, values, and beliefs have gotten you to where you are today and it is those that need reshaping.Mindset

Take care of this and the rest will fall into place.

Create a powerful new vocabulary around health and fitness for yourself.

For example if in the past you somewhere along the line decided that you don’t like to exercise, why not start forming a new belief like I really enjoy the benefits of exercise like how it gives me an endorphin rush making me feel really good and it helps me to fit more nicely into my clothes.

In the past your food choices may have been around the criteria of it must taste nice to me.

This used to be decision-making process in the past before I knew better. As a result my food was heavily carbohydrate based focusing mainly on pastas, cereals and bread.

And my waistline in my 20s suffered as a result.

How about trying on I only choose foods that nourish me and are good for my metabolism.

Change your thinking and you change your life.


Fermented foods feed the bacteria and colonises the good bacteria in your digestive system.

fermented foodTry sauerkraut, kefir, natural unsweetened yoghurt, Kim chee and miso soup.

70-80% of your immune system sits in your digestive system so your digestive health is critical for your overall health.

Good digestive health leads to optimum absorption of nutrients, which then will translate to feeling more full, having more energy so you can burn fat effectively.

Start slowly go for 1 teaspoon a day of fermented vegetables and build up gradually to even half a cup a day. (Can cause unwanted gas if you suddenly increase)


Today it’s time to burn it.

You will need either a skipping rope, piece of cardio equipment like a rowing machine, x-trainer, bike etc. or just running outdoors is equally as good.

cardio workoutFirstly do a light warm up of walking or light jogging for 5 mins.

Then: 45 seconds of high intensity sprinting as fast as you can go.

Then: 90 seconds of moderate intensity.

Repeat this 10 times.

Then: cool down for 5 minutes.

Short and sweet but powerful and effective.

Have fun

Tomorrow we will bring this baby home and complete our 7-day Look good, feel great, boost your metabolism challenge. Tomorrow I will show you how to keep your body detoxifying and eliminating everyday.

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To vibrant health,

Victoria O’Sullivan

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