Day 5 – We’re On The Home Stretch


Bear with me this one can be a little tough to take.

Sometimes you have to stop, reflect and take stock of where you are at and some of the habits and actions that you have adopted to get you to where you are today.

Taking responsibility and ownership for the decisions that have been made in the past. In the past it may have been “I am too busy, too tired, don’t have enough money, my kids need my constant attention, or my knees hurt too much, or work is too demanding”. In other words, I Can’t do what it takes to get the result that I am looking for.

When you take responsibility and ownership of your decisions it can be painful and confronting to accept that the choice was made to overeat, sleep in, drink too much on the weekends.

But inside the ownership is hidden gold. Because in the ownership is empowerment.


The myth of powerlessness and being at the whim of external factors like work and family can leave you frustrated, overwhelmed, confused which ultimately affects your self esteem and confidence.

As soon as you take ownership the empowerment will inspire you to stick to your guns and get up and exercise and eat well even when you are tired and exhausted.

Today, make the decision that you will take responsibility for your choices and recommit to your big WHY and bask in the feel good feeling as you see the results right before your very eyes as your body shape starts to change and you have more energy and more sense of being alive.

Day 3: Nutrition

Fuel your metabolic fire with the right ingredients.

metabolic fireYesterday we spoke about protein as a building block to a fat burning metabolism.

The other piece to the puzzle which many don’t get enough of is fibrous plant matter.

Eat your vegetables. Fibrous vegetables assist in switching on your metabolism by adding the bulk (fills you up and therefore evens out your appetite) and are packed with all of the nutrients your body needs to function.

The greener the better.

Eat meVeg like;

  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • kale
  • beans
  • Chinese greens

These are all high in loads of nutrients but in particular potassium, which most are deficient in. Potassium is the nutrient you need to for your body to let go of waste and produce efficient energy.

Today aim to eat 2 cups of vegetables or salad with each of your main meals and notice how you start to feel. Broccoli in particular is one of the best as it is also good for deication but also it contains plant indoles, which are really great for healthy hormonal balance.

So add the plants with the protein and see the effect it has on your mental alertness, mood, and energy.


Today’s workout is based on weight bearing training. Now for the ladies I know for many that this seams counter intuitive. One common concern from my female clients is

“Victoria, I don’t want to bulk up and look really musclely or when I lift weights I put too much weight on”

muscle ladyThe thing with our bodies is that we start to break down muscle from about the age of 25-30 and it is a lot easier to burn muscle and break it down through things like stress, and poor eating habits and lack of exercise.

However it can be really challenging to build it.

And for women our hormones aren’t designed for us to develop muscle like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What will actually happen is you will build lean, toned muscle that will shape your body, and make you look fabulous in jeans.

Muscle is crucial for a healthy metabolism and also for healthy bone health. Your metabolism will continue to burn for hours following a weights workout.

Here goes:

  • Lunges – 20 each side
  • Squats – 20
  • Push ups – 15
  • Tricep dips -15 (if at home use your couch)
  • Plank – face down, supporting weight on your forearms. Squeeze your belly towards your spine and keep your back straight – hold for 30-60secs.
  • Grab a skipping rope and skip for 2mins or do start jumps and high knees running if you don’t have a skipping rope.
  • Repeat exercises for 30mins.

Ok so go ahead and get started on todays plan and notice how you feel at the end of the day and make any notes in your journal about the positive benefits you are feeling.

The more aware you become of how good you feel making these changes the more likely you are to make it a life long habit.

Tomorrow we are going to talk about how to eat for energy, hormonal balance and fat loss.

If you’re ready to take action now and want to take this to another level then why not get started working with my team for free and schedule a 1:1 session where they can work with you to design a blueprint for you to experience a positive change in your overall health and vitality.

I look forward to connecting with you further.

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To vibrant health,

Victoria O’Sullivan

Naturopath Sydney
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