Away Series

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Welcome to the “While We Are Away Series.”

Grant and I wanted to create something really special for you for the next couple of weeks whilst we are away.

One of my clients very cheekily asked whether she could measure my waistline during our session together the other day and then if she could measure it upon return!!

This made me laugh.

And I thought I would share with you now that my waistline is 76cm and I am more than happy to share with you what it is when I get back and what I will do to get it down if I need to if it is of value to you.

My point here is that I am not perfect.

But I am consistent.

I gave up being perfect a few years ago now.

It was liberating and this is what I want for you.

We are often driving ourselves crazy with our own self-talk about how we should be more, do more, have more.

And also that..

If we don’t have the perfect body or the perfect weight and if we don’t have boundless energy, flawless skin and health and vitality then there is something deeply flawed about us.

The health, fitness and diet industry aggravates this even further. We see images on social media and in the media of perfect, healthy people who are skipping delightfully through life carefree.

And yet there is something fundamentally wrong globally with our weight, our mental health statistics, our body image and self-esteem and health and all of the diseases of ageing and it is time for a refreshing change.

All of this pressure to perform just adds to the overall stress and anxiety, which in turns triggers the stress response, and we inevitably end up manifesting the very health issue we are trying to avoid.


What if we come from a slightly different angle?

What if we began to ask meaningful questions like if my body was trying to tell me something what would it be?

When we ask these deep questions and take a look at what is going on for us, it takes us down a rabbit whole that invariably takes us deeper within ourselves to a place that is calling for our attention.

Sometimes it can get uncomfortable because we are then forced to look at what we are putting an emotional lid on within our lives as we start to question what is it that we truly want and what is it that is missing?

The third video will give you a framework to start asking these deeper questions and I really encourage you to take the time to do the exercise so that you then have the opportunity to create a real transformation for yourself.

Because after all you matter.

And that burning desire within you also matters.

And if you take that time for yourself so that you allow the alchemist that is within you and is part of you, to get to work then you can start to create the metamorphosis.

Then magic can truly happen for you.

And if you let it then it will change your life, your health, your relationships, your purpose, and your prosperity.

And your future self will look back to that time where you took that moment and allowed yourself to create the possibility and then the early steps that you took toward that vision that ultimately led you to that point in the future where you are looking back and you are saying to yourself.

Thank god I did it.

As you acknowledge that defining moment in your life where you delved within yourself and extracted that courage that is within you and as you aligned head, heart, and body so that they all faced the same direction toward that vision.

And as you look back with goose bumps pinching yourself you are sitting with the feeling of immense gratitude, joy, fulfillment, love, and happiness.

This is also what I want for you.

What we have created for you I can vouch for as I use them in my life every single day.

They have helped to sharpen my focus and many times they have helped me get out of my own way so that I have been able to then create the health, the vitality the presence of mind so that I could then serve you to help you create this for yourself as well.

You see I believe that the reason why we have crossed paths and that you selected me as your practitioner is that deep down in your heart you know you really want to experience radical health and have the body shape and energy that you are proud of.

You know you are supposed to be vibrantly well so you can get on with your purpose and mission.

You know that in order to be your true self then you need to make your health, your mind your body your number 1 priority.

And you know that now is your time to make this possibility your new reality.

All three of these videos are powerful ways to help form new neural pathways so you become that version of yourself where you have more energy, more clarity, and better overall health.

When you are vibrantly well then this has a ripple effect through your life to other areas that truly matter to you.

So, I am excited to share this content with you and I am looking forward to your feedback in our session in a couple of weeks.

I trust you will love listening to them as much as we enjoyed creating them for you.

Wishing you the very best of health and see you in a couple of weeks,

Access Week One Video Now!

With Love,

Victoria and Grant

P.S There is nothing you need to do to receive the videos. They will arrive into your inbox. We will send you a text as a trigger that your first video has arrived.

If it isn’t in your inbox then check in your spam. If it isn’t there either then please email reception at and let Katie and Hannah know because I would hate for you to miss out.

P.S I’m working right now on a FREE training, showing you the keys to fulfillment, happiness, and joy so that you can have the health, and the body that you really want to create for yourself.

This training is valued at $297 and for you it’s free as a way of me saying thank you for being in my community.

How do you get your hands on it?

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PPS. Share this post with those that you know need this.

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