Amanda’s Story

From learning to walk again, to having a baby. Truly inspirational.

I had a client join me a few years ago now, and for the sake of this video, I am going to call her Amanda.

This client arrived into my clinic presenting with, low thyroid function, anaemia, low Vit D, weight gain and endometriosis which caused intense period pain, fatigue, and flooding for the whole cycle, which went for 7 days, often meaning she had to take sick days from work. Her symptoms were so bad her specialists only solution, after exhausting all other medical options, was “well you will just have to have a hysterectomy.”  

You can watch the video below or keep reading if you prefer.

She was 29 years old when she was told this.

You may be shocked to hear this, but this isn’t the first time I have heard of this, and it won’t be the last. The youngest age I have heard of being given this advice is a 19-year-old.

Let’s just stop for one second.

Imagine being 19 years of age and being told you will just have to have a hysterectomy, in a too bad, so sad, kind of a way.

And this is where I believe the system fails us, because preventative functional health, where you address the underlying issues, can often address female hormonal imbalance very nicely, and if this client had not had the foresight to seek other alternatives, she may well have gone ahead with the procedure, and then as a result not been able to have her own family.

That particular client, who was 19 years old, also never had to go ahead with the procedure either. We were able to normalise her cycle within 4 months of starting treatment.

Now back to Amanda. This is a story of a true modern-day superhero.

We started working together, correcting the health issues and trimming down the weight, and after a couple of months into the work, she was shedding kilos and regaining her energy, however, past traumas started to bubble to the surface.

This is often the case when you start to transform physical health stuff because we aren’t just physical beings. Stored in the body are events, beliefs, and traumas that have occurred in the past.

Especially when it comes to losing weight. Storing weight is often the minds way of protecting the person from danger.

For example, many carry extra kilos on an unconscious level due to sexual abuse that has occurred in the past.

And for Amanda, all of the abuse she suffered as a child, started to come to the conscious mind because she was ready to deal with it and release it.

In one particular session, she had the courage to talk about what happened to her as a child. She also voiced she was really unhappy in her marriage.

She had never spoken about it before to anyone.

She was physically abused repetitively by her father, to the point that when she was 11, she was hospitalised due to physical injury to her back that then meant she had to learn how to walk again. He took his unresourceful internal rage out on his innocent, vulnerable daughter. What she told me in those sessions as we were together, putting the pieces back together, was so heinous and criminal that behind my practitioner poker face, I was broken on the inside.

When all this child needed was safety, security, and love and nurturing, instead, she got repeated violence and abuse.

As she kept processing and releasing and healing, she came to the point where she no longer wanted to be in her marriage.

Now, being Indian, an arranged marriage, was a huge deal. The divorce rates in India are the lowest in the world.

Her then husband wanted to move back to India. She didn’t want to move back there and never wants to live there again.

She couldn’t work out why she so strongly didn’t want to go back there, but to me, given the level of trauma suffered, it was obvious why her body, being a vehicle for her unconscious mind was keeping her safe.

We often joke together, that really, when she was born, she was actually born in the wrong country.

This girl is a total Aussie dressed up in an Indian body.

Her soul just wanted to experience those early years in the Indian culture, and in the environment of an extremely dangerous unresourceful parent.

And to me, those years of trauma actually shaped and moulded her like a diamond into a beautiful human being.

This woman is an amazing, inspiring human being. She had the courage to leave her husband and ask for a divorce. She had to go back to India twice and face the judicial system on her own. There was no support from her family.

That time of separation from her husband was a tough time for her, she felt really alone and isolated, her anxiety levels were through the roof with the anxiety keeping her awake at night. You could say it was a dark night of the soul for her.

But she stayed the course.

She told me along the way that her father had forbidden her from keeping on seeing me, despite the fact that her hormones were balanced, her thyroid was back within range, we saved her ovaries, and she lost all of this weight whilst now being in the best shape of her life.

He forbid her to see me because he was convinced that it was me, and my western beliefs that had influenced her.

I had no effect on this. I was just someone that came along and walked with Amanda alongside her, to hold up the mirror for her to help her to see her magnificence, her inner beauty and remind her of how powerful she is.

That’s it.

You see, all those years of no safety shaped her into the most courageous, independent women who had the courage to go against a tribal belief, at the risk of being banished from her tribe.

To me, that is true human spirit. It is a total act of self-love, of self-nurturing, despite having to face hardship along the way.

Amanda returned into my clinic just the other week.

She was glowing. She has met her new partner and they are engaged to be married.

We talked about her family and I asked her about her father. She said to me …

“I am, so grateful to my father, I care about him and I love him, and I harbour no anger.” Victoria, the past is in the past and it doesn’t have any impact on me today or going forward into the future.

This stopped me. I was speechless.

I was speechless in such an awakened way because I realised, in that moment, I was in the presence of the divine. It was coming from a place of such heightened consciousness, she spoke with such authenticity and volition and her whole being just radiated pure love.

It was a powerful, beautiful moment.

There was no forgiveness required for her father because there was only love for him. And where there is love there is wholeness, there is transcendence.

So, no forgiveness is required because it is complete.

Amanda’s story is a perfect example of true healing. Amanda transcended completely. Her physical symptoms resided in the old self, and when she shed this past, her symptoms were also left in the past.

I asked her what brought her back and she said to me.

Fertility, she said, we want to start a family.

I’m so excited “we are having a baby.”

Well, we aren’t but Amanda and her partner are.

Amanda, thank you so much for finding me and coming into my clinic. I have learnt so much from you, and it’s even more than that, I have had the privilege to see you transform into the most amazing version of YOU.

I have witnessed true human potential through you.

Thank you for sharing your story with me and placing your trust in me.

I see you.

I see you so clearly and I am so proud of you.

I am beyond happy for you.

I don’t expect a seat at the head table with the bride and groom, and maybe not a seat next to DAD either. But a seat none the less, and not one up the back near the loo or the service area.

Now, you may be thinking, wow I couldn’t have done that if I was her, and I want you to know if you resonate with Amanda then yes you absolutely can.

The journey to vibrant optimal health is never a straight line, it calls for you to face your demons along the way and wrestle them and burn your old self to the ground, but I promise you, all you have to do is stay the course and that vibrant health that you see so clearly in your mind’s eye is yours for the taking, all you have to do is trust in you.

In health,



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