Kathleen McFarlane

About Kathleen McFarlane

Kathleen McFarlane is a caring and committed naturopath who prides herself in providing the highest possible care. She utilises evidenced based natural medicines such as herbal and nutritional medicine and diet and lifestyle modifications to support her clients in achieving optimum health.

Having studied herbal and nutritional medicine for over 10 years, Kathleen understands that every person is unique and she believes that real heath is only achieved when all aspects of our lives are in balance.

Her philosophy to natural healing combines conventional and complementary medical models and she uses functional pathology testing alongside holistic techniques to explore her client’s health and identify the root cause of disease.

Kathleen takes the time to understand each client’s unique health concerns and all patients undergo a comprehensive health review. She utilises this information to provide evidenced based naturopathic treatments including nutrition and herbal medicine as well as lifestyle modifications to improve client’s health and wellbeing.

Kathleen creates a haven for healing and a space where her client’s are listened to and cared for with compassion and knowledge. She is devoted to optimizing the health and wellbeing of every client.