Adrian Adams

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About Adrian Adams

Adrian AdamsAdrian Adams is Victoria O’Sullivan and Associates resident nutritionist/naturopath specialising in functional digestive disorders, metabolic disorders and sports performance goals.

Suffering a severe skin condition through his teens, with limited treatment options in conventional medicine led him to discover natural therapies. Through the evidenced based application of nutritional and herbal interventions his skin condition was resolved and the passion for natural medicine had begun.

The connection of the skin to the gastrointestinal system became very evident through this healing journey, which led to the specialisation in functional digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, reflux/GERD, chronic gastrointestinal infections, gallstones and other digestive disorders.

With an avid interest in sports and fitness Adrian applied this knowledge to sport with measurable performance gains in his own abilities and others he advised. With this he gained much experience in sports nutritional medicine even before formal education and training was implemented. This acquired knowledge and experience is backed up by a bachelor degree in nutritional medicine and naturopathy with accreditation via the nutrition society of Australia (NSA).

With the addition of years of experience in a clinical setting his skill set is considerable and always growing and evolving. A good example of this is the application of growing research in natural therapies used in metabolic disorders such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Diseases very common in Australia and are lifestyle diseases ideally treated via nutrition and naturopathy.

Adrian’s approach is very systematic to a health condition. He will take you through your case history, run functional medicine tests and formulate a structured plan of attack for your health condition or goal. The use of standard pathology and functional pathology testing, if applicable is commonly used to establish base line health parameters and to refine treatment plans.

The use of evidence-based practice underpins all of Adrian’s clinical decisions. The use of researched nutritional and herbal supplements to use as tools to move metabolism when food and lifestyle are either too slow or ineffective are used routinely. However dietary and lifestyle changes are the long term and underpinning therapy used to restore his clients to health.

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